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Xi'an Xingguo Science and Technology is located in Xi'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone, mainly focus on spare parts which come from Russia、Ukraine and Europe and that will be used in military aircraft..We also have cooperated with Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology to provide Microwave Radio Transmission Systems solutions and related components’R&D for domestic customers who are commited to electronics and communications. Our philosophy is Supremacy of Credibility and Win-Win ,dedicating to provide a stable and reliable products for domestic aerospace customers. 

Main products:

General accessories:

Chip, Capacitor, Resistor, Connector, Switch, Button, Fuse, Diodes, Transistor, Electron tube, VR-tube, Contactor, Relay, Transformers, Motors, etc.

Special supply:


---Gyroscope,Indicator, Timer,Receiver, Instruments

---Oil Pump, Actuator assembly, Flaperons agencies,Horizontal axis

--CRT, Magnitic Head,Tape


---Transducer, Fuel Pipe, Bearing, Blade

---Auxiliary power device, Ignition device 

1、    SU-27、SU-30

Aviation electronics: Gyroscope, Radio receiver, Sensor, Cut filter, Instrument, cable, Electronic components,ect;

2、   ИЛ-76

Hydraulic section: Piston Pump, Gear pump, Actuator assembly,etc

Aviation electronics: Gyroscope, Braking device, Transducer, Magnetron, Klystron, Circuit board, Electronic Component,etc

Host portion: Bearing, Transducer, Horizontal axis, Flap mechanism, Signal generator, Bellows compensator

Engine part: Bearings,Blade,etc

3、    MI-171

Avionics section: Instruments,Transducer,Gyroscopes,Electronic Component,etc.

Engine part: Bearings,vane, Fuel manifold , Air generator,etc.

4、    Ship

Mainly focusing on electronic Component

Sucessful cooperators:

Mainly customers as follows:

Air Force Armament Department, Navy equipment department, China institute of aeronautics and astronautics, CSSC, CSIC, ect.

Products that we can provide including:Chips,Capacitors,Air Generator,Gyro Assembly,Generator,and other Settings.

We also have a well competitive realationship with these companies:

Tian Li Aearospce Science and Technology Co.,Ltd, Qing An Group Co.,Ltd, CATIC ,ect.