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ECA GROUP supplies testing solutions for aircraft in production to a client in the Aeronautics secto

CANNEWS - ECA GROUP was awarded a major order to supply all testing solutions for onboard systems. This first order of over 3 million euros, with a delivery spread out over 18 months, will be followed by other orders in the context of the industrial modernization of the customer’s testing solutions. The technology developed by ECA GROUP serves to approve the conformity of the integration of the onboard systems installed in the aircraft prior to the first flight. These tests are required to obtain the aircraft’s certificate of airworthiness.

The “T-CELL® Technology” solution, acclaimed by this customer in the aeronautics sector, shows once again, on top of its test performance, the advantages of this ECA GROUP solution in terms of modularity, compactness, availability rate and maintainability.

Aircraft manufacturers have a strategy of incremental development; the modularity and compactness ensure they can use and adapt the ECA GROUP solution to their changing needs. The high availability of the "T-Cell® Technology" solution guarantees the customer continuous use (24/7) with a near-zero risk of having to stop the production line. The maintainability ensures full management control over the configuration of the testing tools by providing interchangeability of T-CELL® modules over time without other modifications (applications & drivers in particular). This is the solution’s key differentiator to which must be added the long-term obsolescence management warranty.

This connected and remotely operated testing solution 4.0 meets the needs in terms of testing solutions for manufacturing and EGSE (electrical ground support equipment) in the aeronautics and other sectors. Thanks to a range of existing modules, ECA GROUP has already implemented this solution in the microelelectronics sector and continues its development to extend the use of its “T-CELL® Technology” solution to other sectors than aeronautics such as the shipping and railway sector that have the same functional test requirements for complex onboard systems in their vehicles in need of conformity verification before delivery